Who exactly is donating to Iowa campaigns?

Perhaps you’ve heard that more than $200million has been poured into the race between Joni Ernst and Theresa Greenfield. Much of that has come from outside of Iowa. This is record-setting.

That made us curious. Could the same thing be happening in Iowa Statehouse races? So we took a sampling of campaigns against pro-life Republicans, and here is what we discovered when we dug into their July reportings:

Andrea Phillips has launched a campaign of attack ads against pro-life John Landon in Ankeny. Is it Ankeny residents bankrolling her attacks for this House seat? Of 182 donors 134 were out of the district, 74% of her contributions were from outside of Ankeny!

Heather Matson, a Planned Parenthood endorsed Democrat, is running for her House seat again. We discovered that 54% of her donors are from outside of Ankeny.

Christina Blackcloud, a Democrat running against pro-life Dean Fisher, has had her campaign coffers filled by a whopping 92% of outside the district donations!

Over in the Senate, we took a look at one of the most heavily televised candidates in the Des Moines Metro. SarahTrone Garriott, a Planned Parenthood endorsed minister, has had tens of thousands of dollars donated to her campaign. Of 471 donations 358 were from outside of the district. 280 of those were from out of state! 76% of her donations came from outside that Senate District.

We understand that this has happened in many of the campaigns for the Iowa House and Senate.

It’s important to have transparency in Statehouse races. Things are not always as they seem. Hundreds of thousands of dollars are pouring into Iowa to buy seats in the our Legislature for liberals. Tomorrow, Election Day, we will see if they were successful.

Jenifer Bowen

Founder and CEO // LifeRightAction.org


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