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The Shocking Truth: Webcam Abortion Hurts Women

If you’re anything like me you’re feeling frustrated and even a bit angry.


First let me share with you about the young woman in Central Iowa who, after a webcam abortion, didn’t know what to do. So she threw her baby’s remains into the local sewer drain.

Or what about the girl who didn’t know what to do, so she stores her baby’s remains in her freezer. Every time she reaches in for ice cream or to fill her glass with ice cubes, she’s reminded of those horrific days and the frozen corpse of her tiny child.

These are only a few of the stories I’ve been told over the years.

For nearly 10 years now, the cries of these women haunts my sleep most every night.

It’s why, even after the oncologist told me this past March that cancer was found throughout my body, I knew we couldn’t stop fighting for women together.

These webcam abortions, where no doctor is even physically available, first began here in Iowa and rage on today in nearly a half a dozen states.

If you have been led to believe that Planned Parenthood cares for women, what you’re about to learn is the exact opposite.

Webcam abortions show just how careless the abortion leader is.

What you read will bring a flurry of emotions – anger, sadness, fright, and more.

Please turn that emotion into action, alongside us, as we seek to educate Iowans and work to end these dangerous abortions.

  • We NEED you to help us fight back for the protection of women and their young babies.
  • We NEED you as we prepare to work at the State Capitol again in January.
  • We NEED you as we stand alongside pro-life men and women running for office in 2020.

Simply put, we cannot do this without you.

Until abortion is no more.


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