She said what?!

This past Friday, June 1, 2018, found dozens of people in a nondescript District Courtroom in Des Moines, Iowa.

All were present for the Injunction Hearing related to the Fetal Heartbeat Bill.

At 9:00am, shocking the media and many in attendance, Judge Huppert announced that both sides, the State of Iowa and Planned Parenthood of the Heartland (PPH), had come to an earlier stipulation (arrangement.)

Essentially PPH gets their injunction now on the Fetal Heartbeat Law, placing it on an indefinite hold. The Law will not go into effect on July 1. This move is not surprising as Iowa’s abortion giant, PPH and its allies, vowed to sue.

However, as Attorney Martin Cannon of The Thomas More Society said to the Court, “This affords us (The State) the opportunity to get the lawsuit moving ahead, faster and better.” Which is indeed good news.

The most noteworthy statement made in the Courtroom that morning did not come from the Judge, either side’s attorney or even the media.

It was a comment made by a Planned Parenthood supporter immediately following the Court’s dismissal.

Now let’s go back and have a party!”, she gleefully exclaimed.

Let that sink in.

“Have a party” because tiny, developing, unseen little boys and girls with a beating heart, can still be killed up until 20 weeks of pregnancy here in Iowa.

Shameful. Utterly shameful.

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