RELEASE: Iowa’s abortion rates down nearly 50% in 10 years!

For Immediate Release
Jenifer Bowen

Des Moines, Iowa-August 10, 2018-Life Right Action announces a new educational initiative, “ Did You Know? ” Each week we will explore the hot topics related to LIFE in Iowa.

For our first installment, we are digging into Iowa’s abortion rates. Frankly, we could not be more encouraged!

Did you know?

Abortion rates in Iowa have been steadily ticking down for ten years and counting!

In 2007, there were 6,648 unborn babies killed. In 2016, 3,722 babies lost their lives to abortion.

Yes, that is just shy of 50% drop in 10 years!

What factors play into this decrease?

Certainly there are many — educational outreaches by pro-lifers, the growth of pregnancy resource centers — ultrasound technology and social media certainly play no small part in educating us on the humanity of unborn children. Further, in recent years we have begun to see life-saving legislation finally become law. There are so many reasons why LIFE is again winning in Iowa.

I submit there is one reason that rises above all others. Women, often faced with seemingly innumerable obstacles, are choosing life for their children. They are rejecting the lie that to be successful in life they must end the life of the tiny child growing inside their womb. We applaud their courage.

We cannot know if this is an all-time low as Iowa did not track abortion statistics prior to 2004. With abortion thrust on our nation in 1973 via Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton, there is no way to quantify how many babies lost their lives in Iowa.

In the coming weeks, we will take a deeper look at these numbers. For today, we will rejoice that an increasing number of women are rejecting abortion!

Jenifer Bowen


Note: The reported abortion rates from 2004-2016 can be found here.


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