Jenifer Bowen

"I am deeply committed to fighting for the lives of unborn babies and their mothers."


Jenifer Bowen

Life Right Action, Founder & President

Recognizing there is a tremendous need for a life-affirming political advocacy organization, we founded Life Right Action in 2016.

Jenifer had been involved with Iowa Right to Life since 2001, joining the staff in 2007. Early in 2010, she began her tenure as CEO.

She also serves on the board of directors for “And Then There Were None”, a national ministry, founded by former Planned Parenthood clinic manager Abby Johnson, which provides financial, emotional, spiritual and legal support to anyone wishing to leave the abortion industry. In the four years since forming, they’ve already assisted over 475 now or soon-to-be former workers!

What drives Jenifer is the impact of Roe vs. Wade on her generation.  She was born just months before the landmark decision legalizing abortion in the United States. With parents who were young teenagers at the time and living in New York State where abortion had already been deemed legal, she could have very easily been an abortion statistic.  It’s simply one of many reasons she fights so hard to see that all human life, born and unborn, is again fully protected.