In The News: Life Right Action CEO recognized on National Stage

Those of you who saw the movie Unplanned are familiar with the story of Abby Johnson.

Abby began as a volunteer for Planned Parenthood while in college and eventually became director of her own local abortion clinic.

Her views on abortion radically changed after watching a sonogram of an actual abortion.

While Abby’s efforts have been on the national stage, others have also worked on the state level.

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One of those who have worked to end abortion in Iowa is Jenifer Bowen (Pastor Walter Bowen’s daughter).

Jenifer has worked in multiple ways to educate people in our State that life begins at conception and should be protected until natural death.

She is the Founder and CEO of Life Right Action, a life-affirming political advocacy group in Iowa.

She also serves as President of the Board for Abby Johnson’s, And Then There Were None, an organization that has successfully encouraged abortion clinic workers to quit (over 500 so far and 7 abortionists.)

As a result of her courage and service in seeking to make the world a safer place for unborn babies and their mothers, Jenifer was recently selected as the National Pro-Life Woman of the Year, by none other than Abby Johnson and the And Then There Were None organization!

The Lord enabled (Jenifer) to travel to New Orleans to receive her Award, and address more than 800 women at the 4th annual Pro-Life Women’s Conference.

As you know, Jenifer is also now fighting another battle (stage 4 cancer) and greatly appreciates your prayers for her victory.

Written by: First Baptist Church, Colfax, Iowa and published on September 22 and October 6, 2019.