Did You Know? Iowa’s abortion chain is making a play for more seats in the Legislature!

Did you know Iowa’s largest abortion chain, Planned Parenthood, has targeted several of our strong Pro-Life leaders at the Statehouse?

Let’s break it down.

First, they are supporting Candidates against Life Right Action Endorsed Incumbents (Who are marked with an *):

In the Senate:  

Dan Dawson*, District 8 vs. Steve Gorman

Brad Zaun*, District 20 vs. Rhonda Martin

Mark Lofgren*, District 46 vs. Chris Brase

State Representatives:

Gary Worthan*, District 11 vs. Sara Huddleston

Jon Jacobsen*, District 22 vs. Shawna Anderson

Dave Deyoe*, District 49 vs. Seldon Spencer

Bobby Kaufmann*, District 73 vs. Lonny Pulkrabek

Norlin Mommsen*, District 97 vs. Ryan Zeskey 

In additionPlanned Parenthood is making a play for several open Statehouse seats. Their candidates are listed first below. A ** indicates Life Right Action Endorsed Candidates.

For the Senate:

Sarah Trone Garriott, District 22 vs. Scott Cirksena

Eric Giddens, District 30 vs. Harold Youngblut

Ivy Schuster, District 38 vs. Dawn Driscoll

For State Representative:

Charlie McConkey, District 15 vs. Sarah Abdouch**

Jane Podgorniak, District 51 vs. Jane Bloomingdale

Karen Koening, District 54 vs. Shannon Latham

Dave Williams, District 60 vs. Ryan Howard**

Eric Gjerde, District 67 vs. Sally Ann Abbott

Sue Cahill, District 71 vs. Tony Reed

Christian Andrews, District 95 vs. Christian Andrews

This is not an exhaustive list of Candidates Planned Parenthood supports for the Statehouse. For example, several of their endorsed 2018 candidates won, and are running again. A few these are Heather MatsonKarin Deery**Kristen Sunde** and Jennifer Konfrst.

(Contact us if you would like the entire list.)

Why share this with you? It’s important that you know what the abortion giant is up to in Iowa.  

And, it’s imperative that you know before you vote.

Jenifer Bowen

Founder and CEO // LifeRightAction.org


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