Did you know? Exposing the Abortion Industry’s Biggest Lie.

Working Mothers

Over the past few weeks many Americans followed closely the loss of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and the subsequent rise of Justice Amy Coney Barrett.

Both working mothers, Ginsburg raised her daughter while she attended Law School and she raised a son years later, while she served as a Professor at Rutgers University. Justice Barrett, mother of seven, is the first Supreme Court Justice to have school-aged children. She and her husband adopted two children from Haiti and are also raising a special-needs child.

Mothers working outside the home is about the limit of where Justices Ginsburg and Barrett are comparable. Their paths and their personal beliefs could not be more different. Yet both demonstrate the importance of raising a family.

A Role Model for All

Justice Barrett, while raising her family, clerked for Justice Scalia. Most recently she served as a Circuit Court Judge. As you can imagine, Justice Barrett has a lengthy, impressive resume. Beyond her work background, she exemplified a rare gentleness and kindness as she answered questions from the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee. She also showed the importance of being prepared for the task at hand. When asked what notes she had in front of her. All she had was her mind and a blank notepad.

The Abortion Industry’s Biggest Lie

One of the biggest lies the abortion industry has is that women cannot be successful if they carry their babies to term and then raise their children. They try to drive a wedge between an expectant mother and child, when she is the most vulnerable. Abortion advocates often successfully convince women that any dreams they have, working or otherwise, would vanish if she decides to keep her baby.  

These two women, successful beyond measure, expose this for the lie that it is. They show us that women can achieve their dreams, even while raising a family.

Jenifer Bowen

CEO // LifeRightAction.org

I was honored to again join Simon Conway on air earlier this week, talking about Justice Barrett. You can listen to the podcast here.


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