Cutting through the Iowa abortion industry spin

We’ve finally made it to the final stretch of the General Election!

It comes as no surprise that the abortion industry and its political allies are doing everything they can to defeat our pro-life Governor, Senate and House here in Iowa.

This includes much misinformation, steadily pumped out by their media friends.

For example, they want you to believe that women are “under-served” as a result of the defunding of abortion providers in 2017.

That legislation ensured that our tax-dollars moved away from the abortion industry and is now sent to qualified medical clinics.

This is not complicated.

Federally Qualified Healthcare Centers provided far more services to women in many more locations throughout Iowa.

The largest abortion provider in Iowa is still Planned Parenthood, despite choosing to close 21 locations between 2010-2017.

Their 8 remaining centers simply do not provide the expansive services that qualified healthcare centers do.

By investing these family planning dollars into community health centers and out of the abortion industry, women are now receiving more healthcare options in more areas of the state, most notably in rural Iowa.

View a comprehensive list of pro-life legislative accomplishments in 2017-2018 here.

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