What do two abortionists and an #iagov candidate have in common?

          WARNING: Graphic content included in this edition of “Did you know?” “Gosnell” hit movie theaters across the country a few weeks ago. This movie focuses on late-term abortion monster, Kermit Gosnell, who was tried and convicted in 2013, and is now spending the rest of his natural life in prison. Gosnell … Read more

Planned Parenthood in Iowa: and then there were eight

Planned Parenthood in Iowa TWENTY ONE Closures 2010-Present 2010 Monticello Wapello 2012 Des Moines family practice center Knoxville Newton Storm Lake 2013 Fort Madison Spencer 2014 Ankeny Creston Fort Dodge Mount Pleasant Red Oak Washington 2015 myHealthExpress 2016 Dubuque DSM million dollar headquarters 2017 Bettendorf Burlington Keokuk Sioux City #AndThenThereWereEight remaining in Iowa Ames, Cedar … Read more


Hey #IowaDemocrats, this is what’s REALLY insulting…

Iowa Democrats, alongside retired Jill June, of the recently imploded #PPHeartland, publicly attacked Governor Reynolds this week. Called her “insulting.” You know what’s really insulting? Webcam #abortion. The fact that Jill June didn’t even care enough about women to provide a doctor, present in the room, for an abortion. Rather, she created a scheme that … Read more

What we know that Fred Hubbell doesn’t want you to know

WARNING: This may be difficult to read. But as an eyewitness to an abandoned abortion clinic, I must share it. From the start of his gubernatorial bid, Fred Hubbell has not stopped bragging about one thing. His admiration for Planned Parenthood, the largest (albeit, ever-shrinking) abortion chain, in Iowa. In fact, his first TV commercial, … Read more