BREAKING: LIFE won again in Iowa on tonight’s debate stage!

For Immediate Release
Jenifer Bowen
Life Right Action

October 10, 2018-Des Moines, Iowa-This evening Governor Kim Reynolds and Fred Hubbell took the stage for the first of three state-wide gubernatorial debates.

While they touched on several important issues, Life Right Action was clearly focused on those related to the dignity and protection of all human lives, born and unborn.

“Fred Hubbell initially seemed ready to attack Governor Reynolds on the fetal heartbeat law and defend his abortion industry allies,” said Jenifer Bowen, President of Life Right Action.

“That is, until Governor Reynolds again showcased – he is the true extremist — even supporting painful late-term abortions. (Now banned in Iowa.)

Surprisingly, rather than defending those abortions or the industry he has been bragging about in nearly every campaign commercial and speech, he changed the subject! Fred Hubbell, when he had the chance, ducked from his own extremist views.”

Near the end of the debate, when given the opportunity to share an issue that they will never compromise on — their responses said everything.

Governor Reynolds simply stated, “life,” while Fred Hubbell said, “fiscal management.”

“That is a perfect summary of the stark differences in these candidates. Governor Reynolds will always fight for the most vulnerable among us. We know this to be true as she is proving it every day — from her relentless stand protecting unborn babies and their mothers — to the ways she is diligently working to fix the issues with privatized Medicaid — and more.

Fred Hubbell, by his own admission, will always put money over people. In that world, we are all expendable. That is simply the WrongWayFred!,” concluded Bowen.


Learn more about Fred Hubbell’s extremist views on abortion at

Life Right Action has endorsed Governor Reynolds.


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